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Mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs can help your disabled and old age parents in Franklinton LA 70438 to move or travel easily. Your parents will regain their lost freedom. They will always appear cheerful and happy. It will motivate them to live in a better way. When your parents in Franklinton LA 70438 feel happy and remain stress-free, it will improve their health and age.

If your parents are able to walk a few steps and can sit straight without support, this scooter should be your preferred choice.

An electric wheelchair is a power-driven wheelchair useful for old age persons with extreme fatigue, stamina, mobility, or cardio-vascular issues. If your parents cannot walk or sit straight without support, an electric wheelchair should be your preferred choice in Franklinton LA 70438.

Both devices are useful to travel inside or outside the house.

USP of Electric Wheelchairs

Effortless movement

• Your parents can easily move inside/outside the house without any assistance and strain.

• They just need to use their fingers to control the movement of the wheelchair.

• Your parents in Franklinton LA 70438 will feel very comfortable on a wheelchair, because it is light-weighted, wide and durable equipped with coil spring suspension.

• They can easily keep their feet on a footrest to maintain a straight posture. It will help to improve blood circulation naturally.

• They will require minimal care and assistance to move from one room to another room. They can pick a book from the shelf or enjoy a cup of coffee independently.

• During marriages or social gatherings, you do not have to constantly monitor your parents. Your parents can move and socialize with their old friends, family members, and other guests comfortably.

USP of Mobility Scooters

Travel Smoothly

• You will find a specialized bottle and medicine holder to store water bottles and medicines in a scooter.

• Your parents can easily go to a medical or grocery store on a scooter without any assistance.

• They will feel good on a
scooter, because it is designed to look stylish and elegant as compared to a normal and manual wheelchair.

• These power operated devices are light-weighted, durable and robust to carry your parents comfortably.

• It is equipped with an auto-folding back system for your parents to take rest.

• All the normal security features like speed reduction and auto-stop function etc. are present in it.

Important facts

• You must charge the battery regularly to avoid any issues in Franklinton LA 70438.

• You must consult a neurosurgeon, before buying a scooter or wheelchair.

• You must monitor your parents for few days till they are comfortable on a chair or scooter of this type.

To sum up, mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs play an important role in the life of our old age parents in Franklinton LA 70438.

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